Suggested that researchers and appraisals be appointed


This mound (November 19), the People's Court in Ho Chi Minh City, returned to the "Misuse of the situation and the authority in fulfilling duties" which happened in the " Cou Fada River Trust (MBHS) Trust Housing Development Bank, Delta Chuu Long Housing Development Bank (MHB), after more than 4 months of additional inspection.

This case is a civil lawyer in Vietnam Bank for Investment and Development (BIDV). Judge Tran Minh Chau was the head of the lawsuit rather than his / her; judge Vu Thanh Lam. The test will be held until November 21st.

As well as the Nguyen Phuoc Hoa defender (who was General Director of MHB), Bui Thanh Hung (who was Deputy Director of MHB), Nguyen Van Thanh (formerly Chief Constable) MHB), Lu Thi Thanh Binh (who was General Director of MHBS), Dang Van Hoa (who was General General Director of MHBS).

Following the investigation of the identity of the parties, the lawyers gave their views. Father Truong Thi Minh Tho and most of the defendants' lawyers praised the panel to encourage representatives from critics and assessors. Defender Huynh Nam Dung said it is essential that the inspector and the assessors are called to address the case.

Lawyer Vu Xuan Nam, defending the person, challenged Huynh Nam Dung to re-evaluate the result of his / her; because this is the basic paper to complain the defendant.

The chairman, before his lawyer, said that the Panel did not again invite the candidate Huynh Nam Dung's request for the need to encourage examiners and evaluations. The court has on inspectors, summons of critics. At present, representatives from the State Trust Commission are present at the court, representatives of the State Bank for some of the reasons expected to appear in the # 39; court today, not more than heard tomorrow (November 20).

Regarding the application for revision, the Panel will review it already in the file, the Panel will consider in the # 39; quiz and the law. The judge also stated that they were waiting for representatives of the State Bank to be able to; giving ideas about the need to evaluate the damage.

Follow court to question. Earlier, representatives of the Barrier attacked him.

In the period from 2011 to 2014, Mr Huynh Nam Dung and Mr Nguyen Phuoc Hoa passed on the meeting of the MHB Asset and Debt Management Committee to agree on the # policy to move VND 4,975 billion to MHBS with its & # 39; partnership of private government bonds.

Indeed, Lu Thi Thanh Binh, who was a director of MHBS, used VND3,357 billion of this money to make thermal investments at MHB's merchandise for the winning value of VND45 billion. MHBS used 1,558 trillion dong for investing money in a band, and more than 966 billion dunes were used to sign bracket messages and own investment of MHB through some transitors. Next Posting and trading of these bundles provide the potential for agents and MHBS to win, resulting in a total deviation of 349 billion MHB.

An accident that is proven, by conduct to the procurators, has a 460 million profit; Le Nguyen Ngoc benefited from 568 million, a & # 39; benefits 930 million, with Hung benefiting 151 million, Doan Hong Ngoc is a " benefits 131 million and it benefits from 280 million.

During the inquiry, the Huynh Nam Dung repeatedly petitioned the State Bank's ruler, Ho Chi Minh City People's Court on MHBS's debts for MHB from 2010 before MHB sold to ACB with a total value of 400 billion dong, 3 years with a MHB warranty. If the MHBS can not be paid, the ACB handling of the debts is to pay the MHB money; put at ACB.

Post MHB and MHBS applications, after MHBS sold the bonds to ACB, the money was given to the loans. However, MHBS does not recover bad debt. So the MHBS error occurred in 2010, not the MHB money that moved to MHBS for misuse in 2011-2014.

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