Suggestions for allergy treatment, and 'pollen wave' video


A helicopter is traveling over over pines in Georgia's wildlife area, taking clouds of yellow pollen, showing the video.

“Anyone's pollen?” Georgia's Natural Resources Department asks, sharing the video on Facebook. “Look at the pollen wave you get with a prescribed burnt helicopter. ”

The helicopter flew over the Western Isles Wildlife Management Division, said to be near its border with Alabama about 70 miles southwest of Atlanta.

Here there is a pollen season in the south, with cars, roads and everything else covered in yellow leaves leaving people praying for a wet day just to give them a stark in the evening. get out of the air.

The video from Georgia is a classic kind of extraordinary vision for a specific season in the south.

Here are some of the proposals to reduce the allergy of this pollen season:

  • “Stay in on dry, windy days. The best time to go out after good water, which helps to clean up pollen from the air, is the Mayo Clinic.
  • The tallest pollen numbers are in the morning, so don't avoid outside, the clinic says.
  • Ask someone to shear the plant in the garden and make work outside, according to the Mayo Clinic.
  • Put on a pollen mask if you have to work outdoors you have to police it with pollen, according to Allergy College, Asthma and American Immunology.
  • Change your clothes and turn around after being outside, the Asthma Foundation and Allergy of America say.
  • Don't wash washing for drying outside, according to the AAFA.
  • Start using a medicine with an early allergy before you start to get symptoms, the ACAAI says.
  • Keep closed doors and windows and close car windows, in accordance with ACAAI.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA sieve to get pollen out of your home and place an HEPA filter sieve in your room to clean the air while you sleep, Mayo Clinic saying.

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