Suggestions to avoid accidents during Christmas season


Mexico (Notimex) .- An accidents at home Increase 10% in the holiday season, and 60% of the mistakes during this season are related to drinking alcohol.

Clearances in winter

In a statement, Gustavo García Domínguez, an expert in a diagnostic medication at DioMed Hospital, said that it is common for people of cold, flu and others in a winter season respiratory diseases.

It is recommended that there is plenty of water and there are fruits with vitamin C, such as orange, tangerine or guava to prevent respiratory diseases.

Be aware of electricity

Most domestic accidents are home accidents electricity overload for Christmas lights or other things that may occur as waterfalls when they are decorated at home.

In addition to the electric surface of the Christmas lights or there rockets were burned, they can burn in humans, especially in children who have pyrotechnic fires.

They recommend to & # 39; confirm that electrical devices are working properly, avoid using familiarities, use Christmas light of good quality and before sleeping sleep that has not been distributed.

Stomach problems

Stomach problems often occur as a result eat food sum, which is often too big. Sounds of heart disease, diarrhea or at risk of alcohol, may have gastritis and dehydration episodes.

It is recommended not to & # 39; avoid poor foods or high fat and spend a small part

Car accidents

In the disaster range, the contact windows are the ones that are in the crash; The biggest increase during this season. The consumption of alcohol, tiredness, as well as increased car traffic on the road, causes shoes or recreation.

They recommend not to & # 39; Driving if you drink a drink or feel tired

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