Sultanate of Oman identifies a & # 39; 48th National Day. Na Saudi: Your power has lasted and your joy is lasting


Performances at all levels

Sultanate of Oman yesterday celebrated the 48th National Oman Day with a warm welcome from the people, who expressed their pride, confidence and happiness, along with love, calls and thankfulness of Oman's new renewable builders, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said. , In each area and inches of Oman's land, and the amount of effort and offer made during the paradise of the blessed Revival from the first day of launching.

The Kingdom and Sultanate de Oman are willing to deepen their relationship by increasing investment and exchange of trade between the two countries or through entertainments and tourism. The two countries are near the road to connect to the development of its; movement and expansion of social trade links and the good relations between the United Kingdom and Oman are for the interest of both brothers. The Department of Peace and sustainability Cooperation Council, and the positive interaction between the people of the United Kingdom and Oman at a cultural, media and social level; increase the integration and strengthen links between people and their people; Chamais.

The people of the United Kingdom and the Omani people are fully integrated. The time of Oman Day is an opportunity to update the breeds of love and brotherhood between the two people. There are many common interests that link the two countries and two brothers on different political, economic, cultural and social levels.

The new Oman's new development process has started at the pace of confidence to further develop and prosper Omani citizens and to continually improve its quality standards and deliver the Omani economy with its overall objectives growth, diversification of revenue sources and oil dependency reduction as the primary source of government revenue. Implementation of projects in the main areas accepted in the Ninth Year Five Plan (2016-2020), the National Program for Promoting Economic Distribution (implementation) and the preparation of a future vision strategy (Oman 2040) Lemme catering educators.

Make an adult jump

The Omani people thank His Majesty Sultan Qaboos and his wisdom and love for this good land and his people. B & # 39; It can move overall to the people's power and the guidance to bring about the development of an animal leap in all areas of life in the hands of Omani people and the good and good of their children today and in the future. For a future generation, describe the relationship as "Omani content, content and meaning".

Update loyalty

The celebration for the celebration of the 48th National Day is an opportunity for Omani people to be loyal and thank His Majesty Sultan Qaboos. The nations and citizens what they expect today and in the future at a time when today's modernization of Oman's regeneration process is in place; Following his rent His Majesty led the Director – Bless God and enjoy health and health – Strongly and with confidence for the future of Oman and the community and for the citizen Peace and sustainability in the area.

Interest in the youth sector

Amman was able to move from the 1970s to its twenty-first century, contributes well to peace, security and sustainability and to the surrounding nations and people, based on economic and social performance, and the success and development of the Omani citizens' degree of life in all directions, all of which are continuity as a result of his special impression on His Majesty the headteacher

The young people received special care and attention of His Excellency Sultan Qaboos, where job opportunities were provided to more than 33,000 assistants in private centers in collaboration with the government until the end of May. Presiding His Majesty also on promoting Omanis The number of citizens who benefit from the fuel subsidy program also put the government forward.

Multiplication of revenue sources

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