Summary 5-Summary: Zalgiris Protection Kidks and the Mod Factar Motion by Greyhounds


In the boundaries of the King Cup of Mindaugas, Rytas Vilnius showed his character and 70:67 after struggling to break Kaunas Žalgiris.

The site looks more closely at the last 5 minutes of the game, when Zalgiris scored a 9-point advantage, and Rytas returned to his / her. game and got a hit.

In the middle of a quarter after the breakdown of the time, Dainius Adomaitis agreed his main center, Artioma Parachovsky, and Arn Butkevich who had taken off his good game, and Martynas Echod and Eimantas Bendzus were replaced, which were made up of four healthy ones.

A strategist may want to provide the necessary summaries and at the same time protect Žalgiris long by Paul Yankoon, the Belarus did not walk slowly. Also, five would be able to exchange the five defenders.

Shortly after his defeat, Leo Westermann struck a three-point cross at the hand of M. Echod and, The difference rises to 9 points (62:53). The Frenchman had already raised his finger, but he did not stop it. Morning and M.Achod attack strike made a very unusual decision – mid-speed attack and hit. During the whole session, there were only a few situations, but the headteacher agreed to stop at such an important time and he did well.

Against Echod, Westermann asked a three-point hand, that he did not even even send it; and on the arch and started an excuse to Jasikevich. The Morning Attack was installed – Chris Kramer was out of his basket and was only 1.5 seconds away, but Jankūnas took the ball with his leg and the people got a crucial time. Then a rock sail began in Stipčevičius.

M. Echod took a barrage for a crush, who was caught up, leaving Westermann behind him. P.Jankūnas won opposition to a degree, but too early to Echo, as he did not; Westermann can still beat the enemy. There were times enough to beat R.Stipčevičius on the three points and he raised all the listeners on his legs.

During the Žalgiris attack, Marius Grigonis got a place to find out a bit of time and went into a penalty place where he was good for D.Seeley, who was very busy, so the goal was not successful and the judges were silent.

J. Jasikevičius replaced L.Westermann to Thomas Walkup, who defends himself more trustworthy, and so he must respond to R.Stipčevičius carefully, but R.Stipčevičius was the only thing: E. It stops E.Eod, who left on the case, then to & # 39; leaving P.Jankūnas two deep steps into the penalty area, Mr Grigonis could not do anything now because Cròit reduced his deficiency to 61:62 at his death; least.

After a few minutes, the Greyhounds stood in the attack, but P.Jankūnas hit his basket. Indeed, this skipper did not do it – so judges decided after the video survey. First, it appeared at the end of 0.1 seconds, at the end of the fingers, that zagirietis hit the ball still.

After an attack on the morning, Grunwald was also wrong – L.Westermann made a bad move to the damaged Brandon Davies, and went to a team team.

Another respite relief was recorded a little more than a minute back, when Chris Kramer rescued B. Davies and Grigonis in some way to rescue, as if the fear of the enemy was protected but it was enough for M. Grigon's opponent, DJSeeley to get a lot of places on the right, pick up points and earning points, and guide the supporters onwards – 63:62.

Zalgiris had no rest in the attack: Aaron White was pushed to her; basket, but went to the tree, "as Chramer was attacked, who was already in a busy situation. It was obvious that the Greeks were disturbed because the attacks did not have a reasonable impact.

At the beginning of his last minute, R.Stipčevičius was on the spot, and before that was L.Westermann. The barrage for Croatia was built by A.Parachovskis, but this time he did not use it and went over the penalty, A.Wite was welcomed, and E.Bendžius got the ball in the area and hit it's on first game, which became a cornerstone – 66:62 West-

The last meeting was Žalgiris a & # 39; Formally discovered: "The morning knew that the Greyhounds would make a combination of Arthur Milakni, and put on his defensive position to the basketball player A.Butkevičius, but B.Daviesas struck a barrier A great deal on the A.Butkevičius parquet and left the sniper completely free, and this hit three points – 65:66. F. Parakovsky had to go to A.Makaknis, but he did not chance to make a measure.

The Zalgirians returned just in a few seconds to fight for the title, but they had to be defensively defended. After exchanging the defenders against R.Stipčevičius, he stayed well at the level of protection and B.Davies was much higher. Goths had to sink to attack her; gap between the arc and the board, and doing it very straightforward – just to the defenders. B.Daviesas did not jump to her ball and delayed her for a minute, and was enough for a little cat to go. catch a wall and a & # 39; points – 68:65. It was apparent that no one believed that R.Stipčevičius himself would have a & # 39; running his ball and that the Wings just went to her; look at the member. L.Westermannas was very close to scanning.

"Morning error" caused a very close error to defend – Dainius Adomaitis made a very clear mistake and banned the thunder of a three-point shot. In particular since there were 3 team soldiers in the towns, one Žalgiris head would not start the attack. Instead, the parachovsky after Westermann disappeared after the exchange, but was not given, but continued to move a simple fraudulent and the French encouraged offense. Two taxes reached the target, but the third got out of their basket – 67:68.

"Just misfortune," said Vaidas Čeponis, a statement after losing a ball.

However, "Grunwald" had a small chance that an offense would be suspended 3.9 seconds before Cramer, who hit his first penalty, ran the second one – 69:67. Grigon was responsible for completing her & # 39; player throughout the year, but he was too deep under the basket and hit the ball just on Ryto's skipper, and Žalgiris's burial opportunities.

"These games are dominated by control and success. They had so much success, with little control. We controlled the game for 37 minutes, but because of the We did not go into an interdisciplinary version that would have lost the joint ventures. When you hope the team at home, he'll get involved with three marks: they came back when there was no control and restraining leaders could return and return money, "said Shar after the duel.

At the end of Žalgiris there seemed to be anxiety and there was no player that the team had to take forward at times. We saw such situations and such in this Euroleague season, not just one and two. When the team's attack is stopped and can not be done with a combination, it would be a good idea that the player could deal with difficult situations with his / her. his own ability.

In the morning, R. Stipčevičius became a guardian who made the campaign heavy and showed leadership features. No one would be angry if the Rooichs had been hitting the three-point route, because they had to have a 9-point deficiency to be able to; getting caught on something, but a great friend Mark Popovich came to a big heart and brought out his team.

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