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Headquarters of the League of the United States in Cairo

Headquarters of the League of the United States in Cairo

EU foreign ministers talk about the situation in a number of emergency areas from Ukraine to Venezuela, the Balkans, the Middle East and the EU's Premier League League on 24 February in Sharm El -Sheikh in Egypt.

European ministers talk about "the latest developments" in Syria after Donald Trump, the US President, has indicated that US military presence is in Syria.

Reimbursement of foreign activists is still a "very fragile case", saying a European diplomat, especially for some countries, such as France, which made a "red line".

More widely, ministers are preparing for the interventions to be presented at the next conference on Syria in Brussels (12-14 March 2019).

EU foreign ministers will also talk about the provisions for the EU-Arab League meeting, which will be held in Egypt on 24-24 February, and the issues on the EU. board, including migration, climate change and terrorism, as well as regional conflicts, especially Libya and Syria. The European Union and the Arab world.

These questions have already been discussed at the preparation meeting, at the level of Ministers of the European Union, on 4 February in Brussels. But the Hunger refused to agree to the general situation of immigration to prevent a statement being reached.

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