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Recreation Center / Targeted Report

Sun Peng, a 18-year-old artist, and Di Di's son, who was arrested as illegally detained military at the end of March this year, was arrested by police SA and was held for 240 days. It will be & # 39; The case was held in Taipei at night (November 19). At 11:00 am in the eastern district of Pennsylvania's Pennsylvania Parliamentary Area, their verdict was released and the sentence was released. Sun Anzuo decided to leave the country, but decided to wait for six weeks of immigration methods to return. Sun Peng and Di Di went out of court. When the media congratulated them, Sun Peng also said: "You've been hard working! Thank you!"

▲ It was arrested by the US police in March this year. Sun Anzuo decided to release the sentence today. (Figure / off of the face book)

Earlier, news was inside. Sun Anzuo seems to have come out yet, but now the sheriff is released, the weather in Pennsylvania is very cold. The body is about 10 degrees Celsius. The female lawyer is still in court. It can be said that the two couples have a large stone that puts down their hearts, and it still goes on; It is estimated that at least the lawyer's fees are nearly $ 10 million.

▲ Sun Peng Violinist and Di Sunuoz (nice) son. (Figure / off of the face book)

On 4 June this year, Sun Anzu was guilty of a terrorist threat at the Inter-Central Court of Scotland in Delaware, and was convicted by the judge four to 23 months in prison. He agrees to accept the & # 39; case with federal authorities. The federal industry then opposed Sun Anzuo about illegal invasion in the United States on non-immigrant visa. On August 28, Sun Anzuo was guilty of the Pennsylvania District Federal District District District.

Defense lawyer, Caroline Goldner, said Cinquanto asked Sun Yasuo to be a young man from a different culture of America's culture. He'll send her & # 39; judge to give lightweight and fight for "attending time" (that is, the sentence equals the protection of the person after the conviction) Time), removal.

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