Sun Anzuole's high school uniform dresses. New style "3cm full of dragged on" ear "against age – Zhongshi News


Sun Anzuo put on his dress and photographed, and showed a new style of penalty. (Figure / scap by Sun Anzuo IG)

After returning to Taiwan, Sun Anzui became a fitness player and became a YouTuber. It became a red network man. He returned to school a few days ago. He is now in the second year of Renren Family Arts Arts Department. The usual dress was for the school, and today (20th) he got a final dress, he can not wait to change his design, and share it because he cut a new style of penalty.

Sun Anzuo made an IG happy talk: "I'm finally finished and cut my hair." I saw it with a jewelery of Renren's business, with an ad, holding her hands in her pockets, and her; hanging phones around her neck. I still see her acne on her nose, which makes it sad to say: "Stop your acne on your nose."

Shortly after the next, Sun Anzuo took off the ad and revealed the hairstyle. It grew out that all parts of the ear were 3 cm, leaving only the central part of the QQ flies, everyone seemed clear. Many fans are directed coolly, "cutting is so clever", "Zuo Ge is very beautiful", "changing age cut".

(Times Times Newsletter)

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