Sung Hye Won Sung "Fifty Times Down Father's Award, My Sisters, When I asked my sisters" –


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I posted the internet magazine, "Sorry to give my monster my sister … I paid 250 million wins,
Taobh Handson "I will not respond to each other"

"My sister told me to appeal to her grandmother last year for her father's independence," said Seon Hye-grèine, 62, son of Seon Hee-won's son. "He said. Mac, Son of Soong – Woo's father, was abolished from the Freedom Award for six hours between 1982 and 2007, and won the National Guard (5th grade) Award in the National Liberal Day last year. Mac said he met an old soldier's headquarters in the office of the National Assembly's members in February last year, and raised suspicions of choice.

Sohn said, "When my sister, who is a member of the parliament asked me to apply, I thought they had something." "If they are recognized as a real score, they will benefit about 1 million wins for their brothers.

At the same time, Mac added an article on an internet magazine board on the day, saying, "I'm sorry for a monster called Sung Hye Won to be my sister, he will put the whole country into a lie , Mac said, "My family is the only evidence of the Lord, except my two brothers and me, and he is a Messenger of the Lord in his presence; Son to college. It was a great reason; without exchange. "

Sohn said that "the correct lawyer's hand name" is suspected of considering the real estate of Mokpo with his / her; Son. Mac said: "In May 2017, my sister told my wife that I should buy one inn in Mokpo as a son, saying that I should take my son's seal." He said, "My wife (30,000 wins) and 42 million won (collection value) into my account and my wife paid money to the one who had no unilateral mine in 10 minutes." Also, we have never seen a document about the growth of a window, how many rooms or missions have been heard, and how can this be done and my son? "

In terms of the fact that Mac helped his brother's family win 2.5 million each month, Mac said: "A 2.5 million salary was paid when I was working at High Hand Korea, where my wife is a president . " "I have worked as if I pay the salary as if I say," he said. "I'll kill myself when I spend all my money to Mokpo as Sang Hyeonwon is said in a second," said Mac. "But I do not think I have the chance to do that."

Sohn said, "I do not know how confident my sister's writing is, and I will not answer my brother's bids."

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