Sunny sights in the west of Slovenia, in the majority of thigh


Today, in the west of Slovenia, it will be clear, and elsewhere in the outside. Especially in the Kočevje area, snow will occur occasionally. The east wind blew, in the middle; Medium primorska is extremely strong, which is very weak during the day, is written on the Environment Agency website.

> The highest daily temperatures range from 1 to 5, in Goriška and at sea to 10 degrees Celsius.

On Monday, clearly in the Primorska division, moderate winding blows. It's tidy somewhere, sometimes it's a bit snowy. The lowest teas in the morning from -3 to 1, in the Primorska section about 4, the highest day from 0 to 3, in Primorska to 10 degrees Celsius.

Warning: Today in the morning the strongest boots of the pipes go more than a 100 kilometer speed in the Vipava valley.

Prospects: In the evening of Tuesday, after the low ground of the Primorska area, it will start to rain, and in the morning, snow will be reinforced in the morning. On Tuesday afternoon, weakening is weakened and there is usually a night. In the Primorska division, the winds blow strongly and weak, which will weaken in the evenings.

Wednesday, partly clear in southern Sweden. The cubic rest and most are free from solution. In the Primorska department there will be a solution.

Picture of the weather: Above the north of Europe there is a large area of ​​high pressure with an oversight center and in the Mediterranean Sea there are several sites on tour. Cold and humid air flows to the north east wind.

Weather for nearby landscapes: Today, in the areas that are close to Italy and Adriatic, in a clear sense, it will be a bit scary in other places. There is snow in Gorski Kotar. Near the Adriatic to the north, its wind blows fairly and strongly in Kvarner.

Need JavaScript to play. Especially in the places to the east of the east there are occasional snow sometimes. Fairy winds blow across the Adriatic to the north.

Distribution: Most of the weather related problems. Some sickness cuffs are strengthened, usually in relation to reasonable diseases and circulation, there are problems with increasing rheumatoid arthritis, as well as colic and cramps more often. Complimentary compliance is prescribed to prescribed diets and pharmaceutics.

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