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By sending to & # 39; her calendar, the coming of a new year means end for sporting competitions such as those NFL, and with its ultimate fans, it's only for the last game, the Super Bowl.

For this edition number 53, the main musicians are here Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots, who will be meeting on Sunday, 3 February at a & # 39; Super Bowl LIII.

However, although the game attracts a major American football competition, the public also expects half-time show – the Halftime – to watch a live music show, and in a & # 39; passing, commercial spots and film values ​​and a series that will be broadcast during this time.

So what can be expected at this entertaining level 2019 Super Bowl? Many believe that at least one or more of the different dishes will be different for this year and the next. The problem is to identify which ones will be chosen.

The following list will compile some of the opportunities that fans' Expectations during the long term this year's big game.

Avengers: Clan Finishing

Although it is Marvel Studios has shown the first scene of his great revision after "Captain Marvel"The fact that the first teaser trailer of the movie was to offer more questions than the answers, and, as a result, its company could slow down new progress, although This is still uncertain, in fact, the Film Academy is hosting the first Avengers, so it wants Mirvel to select any news about "Table boundary"for the Oscar 2019. A Sunday will know the truth.

Captain Marvel

Another of the films Marvel which would cause a big move in the & # 39; Super Bowl Yes "Captain Marvel"After this Sabbath, only a month will be left for their first official publication, so Marvel Studios to continue to explore some of the unidentified about their previous buildings and create more expectations.


The survey Warner Bros. He usually has an interest in stimulating his tapes through the big game. Now that "Aquaman"is consolidated as one of the best key addresses DC, maybe its company will have a & # 39; find some more marketing for "Shazam!"to bring more people to theater in April." However, a report from The Hollywood Reporter that Warner did not buy any advertisement for the movie. Super Bowl.

Star Wars: Episode IX

The ninth part of "Star Wars"It's coming to an end, so a small cut may already be ready to show it to the public, and perhaps in the home Super Bowl. But will this be true?

The ninth film of the main saga Skywalker There is no official name yet and it is possible to do so Disney This information will be saved and another for your event later this year. In addition, the Hollywood Narrator said Disney I would not have paid any place in the Super Bowl, although that does not stop the studio from going to the # Promote other developments on the same day, but outside the competition.

Toy Story 4

It would be really good Disney and Pixar leave the first trainee in to & # 39; Following its famous copyright in the & # 39; 2019 Super Bowl. "Toy Story 4"It was not seen in the last weeks, so not only would this increase the expectation of those who grew up to watch those films , but also for the youngest ones. " However, the report announced about the Disney Studio would play the opposite of this option.

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