Super Smash Bros restaurant menu will allow Ultimate the frame allows the frame to look forward to a frame –


This Friday, December 7, is officially going on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, one of the best titles that is expected to be the year.

Now, although there are still a few days to launch, there are a number of people who already have a game, and that gives us the chance to find other interesting information. At this time, we will talk about something insecure about the weather program.

As you all know, the silent menu Super Smash Bros. it allows us to & # 39; Submit a type of "repetition mode", which allows us to look closely at each of the characters, promote or delay cinematics to see their vision, etc.

In this case, Nintendo appears to have gone on, as it is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Add a new post to this list. And, just by pressing her & # 39; Z button, you can bring the frame forward to a frame. Look at yourself:

At this time, we know that this way forward in the stop menu works in the # 39; Trèanaidh mode, in the battles "the world of lost stars" and in the Spiritual way.

What do you think?


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