Super Smash Bros. suppressions Ultimate & # 39; to make Nintendo change-recorded record numbers


(Picture: Nintendo)

The sum for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate true. Le Dead Dead Solution 2 Out of the way, Nintendo's stage gaming campaigners have all eyes, which is now the biggest release of this year.

But not just Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is considered one of the biggest solutions this year, according to previous numbers, it is one of the biggest games so far on Switch.

Speaking to the Verge earlier this week, Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo Ameireaga, said he believes Nintendo is in a good position. going into the crucial time.

"This year, we think we're really ready for the holidays and, indeed, we have something for all kinds of players and all kinds of home," said Fils-Aime.

Follow Nintendo President:

"As we look at the fastest moment we currently have been able to drive with Super Mario Party, how we look Pokemon about to start this Friday, Super Smash Bros. On December 7th, we believe we are great for driving during the free season to have a strong quarter. That's the key to us. "

As you may know, Pokemon: Let's Go released yesterday, and with every account it seems that it is still more likely Pokemon game. Pokemon Traditionally, not only does it burn large numbers, but it's a? help hard-hitting.

At the same time, as long as it is Pokemon The Nintendo's most important IP may be, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate it's not very far behind. An Super Smash Bros. A row has always been one of the best lines for Nintendo, and Final The game seems to have been the biggest game so far for its license.

However, it should be surprising that both games have been cleaned at a distance that is; Break up records when it comes to orders in advance.

"The exported tribes for both of these titles look at the best we have ever seen on Nintendo Switch. The link of users through our entire digital activity has been very strong. "

Le Pokemon: Let's Go Now on the outside battle, we should know how well it is; he did, and whether the pre-prescribed numbers showed his success.

At the same time, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate The 7th of December is still a couple or two, so we have to wait a little longer to see if there is a huge number of countermeasures to play. make a big sale translation.

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