Nintendo He did not have a positive month in October. According to the latest NPD report, the Nintendo Switch released in October to be installed under PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, sure that situation changes in the last few months of the year with two major openings.

After showing the amazing sales figures Let's Go PokémonThat seems to be that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate It will not be restored with equal numbers. A Japanese company has appeared The game broke the recordings on the Nintendo Switch, passing over & # 39; rest of its licensing.

Unfortunately, they did not share the saved numbers kept, We may know after launching it. As you can see in the tallest tweet, they did not hesitate to submit the news new advanced de Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, where it is possible to see some of the ideas from the international media that have already been heard.

Super Smash Bros It has become an important financial resource for Nintendo. Masahiro Sakurai's work has won millions from the Nintendo 64 in 1999. Final Yes the most ambitious delivery to date, including a lot of content so that the fans are happy.

76 characters and 103 settings will be available from the beginningHowever, others will definitely be added to downloadable content. In addition, for the first time they will set up a player with 28 hours of music. In total, there will be 900 songs of the rights that take part in the & # 39; game. It will be possible to play the content when the mobile consot is in sleep mode, it will make it good for the fans. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate This will be available on 7 December.

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