Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is updated to version 1.2.0: these new features are all –


As planned, Super Smash Bros Ultimate was updated a few minutes back to 1.2.0. Through the game, we got to know the new features that have been included as well as being able to get Pikachu / Eevee spirits if you have a pokemon: Let's Go.

These are the news about the park:

Game online

– When you play games in an upcoming game, arranging the best way of order is a priority. This can be done for the couple to take longer and there is no promise to get a game with the best rules.

– Increase the continuity of a single connection within sand and; battle.


– Location of game features.
– Results in games.
– Victims with special circumstances are listed below.

Luadhaichean are filled

Donkey Kong, Connection, Kirby, Luigi, Ice Cream, Boy Boy, Olimar, Toon Link, Villager, Greninja, Pac-Man, Hunt Duck Duck and Cinnamon

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