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Winter season will go to puts important challenges to the body, examined it with many ideas, protecting it to address new situations, coldness and dehydration in the first place. How do we deal with the situation? Enhancement of energy and physical spirit in relation to special foods and developments and with distinctive plants and hawks that have already been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine

Do you want to drink a CBD drink? And, just flammable, one of the active habitats of channabis, the only good, however, and even that is; Supporting the proper functioning of the organic, according to recent studies, to be an active and fundamental part of a number of congestion. Well, in the United States there is a scattered drink that can be seen as flammable as one of the main features: whiskey, water converted directly to CBD and adaptogens, is Another term into health vocabulary and animation, although there was a millennium tradition. In a way, this drink would be based on hemp and adaptogens, it would be large trees because it would stimulate the revitalization of physical energy, as well as an excellent antioxidant.

Usually, for this season, the end of autumn and winter railings. Now, our goal is not to help you to use drink based on cannabis, but it seems that it is a starting point to give you tips on how to trigger a & # 39 ; The organization can change to a new, coolest and more remote season. Not to mention her & # 39; December of December is one of those times of the year most suited to global decomposition, as the rest of food that is affecting the cultures and In terms of the weight, however, in a variety of ways, this time of the year it will always be done. If you do not want to follow the example of Meghan Markle, who appears to have poor Harry preserved by the healthy eating regulations that were developed by the life of Gabriela Peacock, fruit-based decomposition , vegetables, spices, a lot of exercise, nerve gluten and nerve alcohol, but many antibodies and many seeds, you can consider shorter rules, and include the use of adapogens called the so-called called adaptogens and supplements, as well as having a & # 39; food consumption that helps with Winter Winter.

A recent odd word is going to enter health and wellbeing terminology and that's the case. Showing food called "activity", or medicine. In particular, non-toxic herbs and mushrooms can increase the spirit of psycho-physical spirit, and restore it to her; body. Why is the term "adaptogen"? Because they are literally changing their work in accordance with their specific needs, in any case. Dott. Franck Lipman, an American expert in active remedies, from Goop's web page compares to the thermostat: "When the thermostat proves that room temperature is too high, it will be low, when it is too low it will increase ". Nitsa Citrine, Creative Director of Sun Potion, adapted in adaptogens, indicates that they have a lively lifestyle, those who do not stop, all of us have been used to thousands of years, especially in Indian and Chinese medicine. And because today's life pressure is affecting its & # 39; body, the return to the planting features of plants is always more emotional. Is the term Ashwaganda telling you anything? Well, it is the most famous or most fashionable change, widely in Ayurveda because it is perfect for disturbance and stress. Chaga, on the other hand, is a fungus that is rich in antioxidants, while Cordyceps is a long time; developing energy created by cellular cells. Then the most famous Maca, which affects the Peruvian and Reishi roots, is another multi-source herd that is capable of regulating cortisol levels and so on. stress it. How can adaptogens be taken? They are found in pups, in particular to be added to food and drink or in pills.

Another side that is not forgotten in the winter is hydration: the situation in the cold is a & # 39; including the thirst of up to 40 percent, with the consequences that we will not drink too small. Obviously, the main source of hydration, as well as water, heat and heat of herbs, fruit and vegetables, also in the form of zoo and zoo. In addition, seasonal ones are a good nutrient source that is useful for seasonal illness, such as vitamin C. As usual, spots, shoes and bulbs are made smaller or more abundant of water. This will, by making the roots that are appear in plant herbs, giving rapidly an active sense. By using a brot, you can be irrigated without seeing it, especially in the winter, when it is not always pleasing to drink alcohol to drink. So, broth can be a valuable indicator to be well-woven; we do not forget that water has a vital role in the removal of biological waste. "The biggest food" has been defined by Dr. Franck Lipman, who is also perfect for cleaning & strengthen the protection of the body during winter months, as opposed to juice and lease: "The proper nutrition of nutrition that supports the body's printing capability needs to be. And there are good ways to use, In the brushes to provide those nutrients that are easily accessible and do not put the gold and habitats forever. "

"Vitamin and mineral needs can also be achieved through food: capsail, pill and discovery of the organization's actions can be achieved and the promotion of general well-being", which explains Dr. Manuela Pastore, de dh '# 39; Humanitas hospital. However, however, the use at the right time and for a direct purpose, to the ones that are in some of the opportunities that their organization can; at special times. "So they can bring a balanced diet to improve some of the organs' duties, and they do not replace it," which explains Dr Pastore. What should be included in the regime this time? Initially, excellent super-vitamin and in particular vitamin C to strengthen the protection system and to combat the free radical antibiotics in the body.

After that it can be useful to take echinacea, usually done when you are already reduced or protected, but may also work in advance. L-theanine, leaving stress and so cure is excellent, is always a green tea. Vitamin B if you're tired and the omega 3. which is always praised. You can always accept the occupation diet of Okinawa, one of the "blue zones" called the world, with a huge increase of people living that many researchers are doing.

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