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The Argentine finished 11 games triple in the English League. He responded to Allan Shearer.

Sergio Agüero

Sergio Agüero, striking against Argentine.



10 February, 2019, 02:21 p.m.

After three years of Argentina, Sergio Agüero came Sunday to 11 games with three or more goals in the Premier League, following Manchester City's 6-0 victory against Chelsea. The man went on the same way as the sign, by the Englishman, Alan Shearer.

With a double in five minutes and a final admission, the Argentinian Sergio Kun Agüero out of Chelsea, who came out of his & her; Battlefield from Etihad Staircase (6-0) with Manchester City, which included control of his Prime Minister.

The impact of Bournemouth's face returned to the top of his; board to Liverpool for a while, with a game less than the Spanish Pep Guardiola. But his hero is not willing to give a place that has been discovered but after two drawings and the " red and later.

Manchester City had a great start. He left first to Chelsea, unhappy before his machine was specially in the # 39; first part. After 24 minutes, Mauricio Sarri lost 4-0, certainly what was happening on the field. And he could not get over London's picture.

Kepa took his first member after four minutes, when Raheem Sterling gave the action network prepared by Kevin De Bruyne and Bernardo Silva. Then Aguero came into action. This is for a moment.

The Argentineine identified the second one. It was a great perspective from outside the area. Kun was sought for the space that the ball gave to the Kepa Arrizabalaga mirror. Five minutes later, on the 19th, he made the third one. Acquiring a blue blue yard post. The fourth Ikai Gundogan, in the # 39; 25th The town was scrapped and Chelsea bought it.

The accident was over in the second part. B & B penalties in César Azpilicueta to Sterling. Agüero won his third hits and elevated the number of his goals in his & her; Chief to seventeen so far this year. Sterling, ten out of the end, passed from Alexandr Zinchenko and completed his historic citizenship.

Manchester City has dominated power control. Points equal to each other but with better tariff difference and one larger game order in English classification.


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