Superluna can be overlooked this Tuesday

The supermoon in January added interest to star fans.
(Photograph: Archive)

The remainder of the festival, we will be able to look at the second Supermoon of 2019, which will be clearer and brighter than those seen in January, in a way that can not be reclaimed for seven years.

The second Supermoon of the year is at the closest to Earth Tuesday – it will be about 356,761 kilometers, It will look 14% larger and 30% better than usual, he informed the ANSA group. In Argentina, as in the rest of America, the highest level of the Supermoon is before the beginning of Tuesday, & # 39; In Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa, it will be Tuesday after sunset.

The Italian astronomer, Gianluca Masi, who is responsible for the Internet Teileascop, is that the Supermoon is not scientific but it is desirable to communicate effectively to & # 39; meaning that the full moon level is very close to the perigee, that is, of the white orbit that corresponds to the minimum speed on Earth. "

The natural satellite will travel around the Earth very quickly, in which every month is; affecting the smallest speed (perigee) and the highest (apogee): the Supermoon is displayed every time that occurs; The whole moon continues with a perigee timetable. "Ever since 2019, the whole Moon is so close to our planet like this one", said the astrologer.

On Tuesday you will see the second Superluna this year after the one that finished with the night eclipse between January 20 and 21.

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