Supermoon Comes Again 19 February


TEMPO.CO, The Bandung – The moonlight or the Supermoon will come again. It is the time of 19 February, 2019 after being shown on January 21st. "Moon when the moon arrives at the nearest speed to the ground," said Avivah Yamani, a rhetoric activist from the Langit Selatan community in Bandung, Monday, 11 February 2019.

The nearest distance from the moon to the earth on 19 February is closer than before. The range reaches 356,761 km. While he was at Supermoon on January 21, the nearest distance to the earth came from the moon after 357,342 kilometers.

The term Supermoon describes the state of its & # 39; moonlight only when it is near the ground (perigee). From the ground, a moon above the horizon from sunset until the evening arrives. "A great opportunity to look at the moon and its complaints," said Avivah.

When Supermoon, its moonlight will be clearer than twelve percent of the normal moon. The size also expands larger with a range of less than 10 percent. In general, the Supermoon effect is associated with a & # 39; sea ​​tide potential.

After the full moon level, its moon and moon; move slowly when the night rises. A description of the Langit Selatan page, the full moon perigee or Supermoon in February is the nearest speed. In 2019 there will be two moon full moon.

The usual contemporary philosophy that will happen to its & # 39; affecting the tide as a normal full moon. "In general, there is a consequence, but the detail is definitely dependent on the state of the beach and the type of tidal sea on the beach," said Rukman Nugraha. Meteorology and Geophysics Group (BMKG) for some time.

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