Supporting 4 large cylinder capacities, salon leader to jail


The enthusiastic customer group was about a high-speed motor by felling, Trung received a word and then sold it, gave it almost 900 million.

On the afternoon of November 26, the Hanoi People's Court tested on Tran Trong Trung (39, in Hai Duong City) on misuse of property with trust.

In court, Trung Khai, in 2010, a Megabike Co-Stock Stock Company; Specializing in motorcycle trade, other motorcycle devices and parts. After 3 years of business, the accused opened more shops to show cars.

Thanks for this car, Trung has a relationship with many people and the defendant has a great deal of experience. standing selling, signed for commission.

Shortly after, due to the loss of business, many people were getting money, the person defended the building that was sold by buyers for sale. In particular, at the end of September 2013, Mr Trong was sold by Trung with a Honda CBR600 red motorcycle for 250 million dong.

After being brought to the showroom, Trung agreed to buy a car of 243 million cars. This sum, which Trung does not personally use, does not, return to Viet Anh. Then he fled.

China to China to terminate the professional and by the end of 2017 it was found by local police, back to Vietnam.

As well as providing his brother Viet Anh's car, the defendant was sold to three other users, took almost 900 million.

The court sent Trung a dinner to 12 years imprisonment.

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