Surface, suspended: meeting that is not easy to wait for regulation; River could be convicted


Despite the Conmebol's weight for its & # 39; game definition, a Boca show that is a " Keep the River that is accountable for the events with genuine and must be explained in a specific time. The Tuesday meeting at the Conmebol headquarters in Paraguay will not be necessary unless there is no solution in advance.

The Disciplinary of Conmebol Court is the future hands of Superfinal of the Copa Libertadores. Deurrach made by five members He must examine the boca claim raised by Boca and verify whether the fans are at least anxious to them; the River agrees. Only four complaints are voted because Diego Carlos Hernán Pirota, of close relationship with Boca, I can not take part to be Argentineil.

In this way, of the four available, Three will be arranged to make the final solution. The head of the Mutual Justice Eduardo Gross Brown, a Paraguayan lawyer with a lot of knowledge in Conmebol and one of the participants who have been involved in doing so; eliminating Boca in 2015 for a "pepper spirit" case. The Venezuelan lawyer, Amarilis Belisario, Antonio Brasiliano Meccia and the Christian Slavic Valdés are added to the head of the Court.

Paragraph 2 of article 8 of the rule states that the clubs "they are responsible for security and ordering inside and inside the playgroundtoo, during and after their game of supporters or organizers. "" This duty is & # 39; Extend all events that may occur any kind, so open to discharge disciplinary controls and to comply with the orders and orders that may be accepted as legal orders.

Boca's show is clear and argues that the River was responsible for attacking its players.

In addition, in the show before Conmebol, the club asked to implement Article 18 of the article, where the following sanctions are set up for clubs that will, break by the rules.

It is essential to clarify that the meeting will not be decided tomorrow between Daniel Angelici, Rodolfo D 'Onofrio and Alejandro Domínguez (president of Conmebol) in Asunción, Paraguay, to establish a new date for the Superclassic, unless the Tribunal does not; explain what penalties for a Millionaire team. In the Xeneize they always go with everything They want to win the final because of the attack the school suffered on Saturday.

In the river they talk about a betrayal

The dispute between the two clubs, with the Conmebol between, rises to such high levels and in the last times the battle began in no one wants to go back.

In the River they know that they are looking at a complex and uncertain situation. The Boca report's exhibition is trying to bring penalties for the River after the attack to the players' microses to the Millionaire leaders and led his president to rest and act. emphasize the fact that revenge will be played by the whole time.

In statements to the media, Rodolfo D 'Onofrio was very clear, he ensured that the party "He will play in the River and with people" and it was important: "Oh I have no doubt". Millionaire President stressed that they were always in line with the crew and his team; show that they were always a priority for acting without any sporting bonus.

In a sense of consciousness that the game was taken to Boca, Millionaire is damaged: "If that happens, it will be totally shameful and complete, and one of the biggest messages what can a man do? "

"We will record documents, we reached an agreement to play the next day, and it seems that a show will then appear to want to play. How would you feel? "He said in conversation with I have to say.

Boca wants the regulation to be achieved

Daniel Angelici spoke after trying to stop the Super Final of the Copa Libertadores and was very strong in terms of his / her. playing the next morning. Boca president questioned the team's involvement and asked that the Disciplinary Court of Conmebol "be given a formal response" to its requests; club. Continuing in clean: wants the regulation to be implemented.

The headteacher also said he is sure that "the games have been won on the court," but said, as president of Boca, who will do the best for his / her. club. " Another clear sign is the intention that the River will be punished after the events.

And, when the post was changed, he explained: "We have a duty to become a Boca fan, I'm sure the games are lost and lost on their court, I need to inspire myself on what I personally think about Controlled the Conmebol survey and answer the file ".

In the Xeneize they will compare the ones that they are; Last Saturday with the 2015 pepper program: the players of the River were attacked in the & # 39; Bombonera and the second time was not played. The Millionaire who has been claimed in Conmebol and Boca has been removed from his competition.

It is likely that the fight will go, and perhaps the last between the River and Boca are the most in the world.

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