Surgery of diabetes surpasses increasing the chance of new animation – S A N N A



NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Children of mothers diagnosed with diabetes infirmity have a major risk of child behavior, according to a recent study in Canada with researchers at the University of Medicine Medicine School.

The study, which published by researchers in the Journal of Scientific Pathology, showed that 226 of mother-born children were diagnosed with diabetes and continued to do so by doing so; feed on chest in the first five months after birth.

Researchers found that the risk of obesity development was 2.79 per cent higher than those with no diabetes.

The painful diabetes has been a pregnant woman with high blood sugar, although it has not been in existence. Sugar diabetes is likely to be associated with poor health risks for their mothers and their children, which maximizes the chance to; preventing high blood, the need for cesarean delivery and the risk of cardiovascular disease And type II disease later in life.

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