Surprise the best of the best to his decision: It's over!


LJUBLJANA – A decision Polona Batagelj At the age of 29, she finished her professional career on bicycles, surprised many. Polona, ​​the ninth player is not apart, who laments her & her; decision making. She will still sit on her bike, except for her soul. She wants to stay connected to BTC City Ljubljana, and she will be even more legally focused, as she will go to her. make a doctor suddenly. "I've put a while before me. Every athlete needs to find out what's right for him. I finally concluded on Monday. You get out of bed and you know that this is the case. In a while I asked Gorazda Penka and he told him the news. "

Polona thinks she has done everything she wanted to do in cycling, which made her decision easier. "I gave all my dads. I do not remember what to be able to repair. I'm proud of Slovenia's professional women's team. The easiest memory is First Olympic event. "She did two points at the Olympics, but she did not. She likes her in London on the 22nd day.

Dera Olala in cycling professional women

Polona made the first step straight on the road that is on the road. going abroad, in Italy and Spain, but then put on the sleeve team of Slovenia. She was one of the first cyclists who became part of the first and most successful project of the single Solar Women professional cycling team, BT City Ljubljana. "The team of Slovenia has been the best thing for an athlete. I am pleased that I was from the first part of the project. I would like to emphasize several times that we should be more aware of what we have, how important is the professional team of Slovakia. I am pleased that I have been adding to this. "Polona, ​​who will" dealing with bicycle laws and doping in the doctorate, especially proud that she could play as the Slovenka team in the Slovenian team on the biggest races, with a national gamekeeper. "Here's some of the best and most beautiful things. I am very pleased to be able to carry a Slovak flag for those years. In this year, I hope that I have made a good representation on Slovenia, the team. It's time to let the rest of the boys. I hope there will be so many bike cyclists that decide about this sport. She is one of The most difficult and one of the most beautiful places. "He continued to participate as part of the BTC LCubljana City cycling team.

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