Surprisingly in Italy Salvini, Mahmood is winning the San Remo festival


In February early for five nights in a row, turned to The first public channel is over 10 million Italians in front of their television and often over 50% of spectators with their TV; this band inspired by Eurovision.

Created in 1951 in San Remo, Liguria (north), the festival has featured many artists such as Eros Ramazzotti, Andrea Bocelli and Laura Pausini.

In fact, it is impossible to keep so much Italian as long as breath without a strong dose of controversy, on subjects of homosexuality, euthanasia or even migration in the years about Finally, on the animators, on the shifts planned or not the …

This year, as well as writing a complainant on some sketch of animators, the same debate came out of the effect of "Soldi" ("The Money"), a beautiful and a # 39; removing a father that was not by placing pop, rap, oriental sound … and some Arabic words.

A strong voice of a bit of metal, "beautifully scared" according to the site, Mahmood had received a certificate to win the "youth" festival.

In a final onnight from Saturday to Sunday, he won the voting of the professional jury, with only 14% opposed by 46% for their favorite Ultimo.

Quickly, the beliefs on social networks: "They attacked us", "You did not hit Ali Baba, they affected you, that's all!"

Matteo Salvini, the right-wing commander and a strong government man, put fire on the fire and tweeted at night: "Mahmood … Bof … The most beautiful Italian song! Choose Ultimo, and yourself, what do you think? "

His message prevented the risk of putting users on one of his leitmotivs "Take a Maalox, it will happen to you", and # 39; praising him to taste the Sunday Sunday or put him in honor of him.

Many of what happened to Elisa Isoardi, who was a companion, who influenced this effect "proved that the meeting of different cultures creates beauty ".

The man, was determined by his / her effect; He has represented Italy in the Eurovision in May, because his part rejected any controversy: "I am Italian, born and taken in Milan, 100% Italian", he told the media.

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