Suspect police Hessian – lawyer gets new dangerous letters


A Turkish-born lawyer receives independent messages from the right, listed by "NSU 2.0". The case is & # 39; Encouraging police causes in Hesse, officials are constrained. But the dangers do not come to an end. The suspicion of Hessian police is confronted.

Frankfurt lawyer, who was born in Turkey, Seda Başay-Yıldız received a letter that was more than a threat to a & # 39; Concerning a clan in January this year. There are also signs that the person or the people are led by their police status. This recites "Süddeutsche Zeitung". According to the Hesse LKA, there are special responses in the letters aimed at knowledge from police circles in Hesse.

The lawyer lodged a complaint early in August 2018 after his first threat. In addition to the supervisor "NSU 2.0" her daughter was at risk of death. The woman was represented in the process for the victims of the church to the south of the National Socialist Socialist (NSU). On 20 December, another fax came, as the "SZ" said. In January, more correspondents, all from the same distributor and risks and abuse will continue against the law.

Researchers now believe that the author's authors have letters from Hesse, as in one of the new letters that the HLKA shortcut is used. The jargon letters are the authority and position for the Hessian State Crime Office. It is unlikely that most or more citizens would be familiar; use this summary. One of the fax was also signed with the last first name, instead of "NSU 2.0", as reported by the "SZ". The person with the name, Hessian police trainer, has nothing to do with the events according to the critics.

Previously, the authorities had discovered that a lawyer information about the solicitor was received from a police intelligence system at a high-tech computer in Frankfurt . In other investigations, there was an unbelievable conversation group that was suspected in the Frankfurt police. Six officers were arrested and inspectors looked at them, but the dangers did not stop. The six suspects say their right to be quiet.

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