SUSS will leave a test after finding out questions with a lecturer required by reviewing


SINGAPORE: The University of Singapore's Social Sciences (SUSS) left the last week that it was discovered that a lecturer had quenched questions and solutions during the revision classes.

590 part-time and full-time students at the school were affected.

In response to questions from Channel NewsAsia, the SUSS spokesman said Monday (November 26) that the school did not get out – following the FIN303 Financial Management test – questions and solutions were provided to a number of students before sitting on November 20.

The university said that it would get the test "how the integrity of assessment was (applied) and ensure that all students who were sitting for the test were able to access."

Students now have to choose the Ongoing Assessment Score (OCAS) to finalize or sit for their supplementary examination paper that will be scheduled for December 4.

Signs from OCAS from pre-course inquiries, participation of classes and assignations.

"A start-up study revealed that there were associated relationships in the issue of questions and solutions redistribution in two additional revision classes," said SUSS spokesperson.

"There will be no doubt of controlling disciplinary measures against the lecturer, including service completion, once inspections will be completed."

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