Sustainable research: The PRO offers a very high quality laboratory at Morocco


The PRO group, the world's head in phosphates and the sub-products, the Polytechnic Mohammed VI University and Fraunhofer IMWS – an Institute for Microstructure of German-based Materials and Systems, signed a partnership agreement on Wednesday, 6 March is in Rabat.

This agreement continues the memorandum of understanding which was signed in July 2018 between the PRO and Fraunhofer IMWS group to strengthen their involvement in the development of sustainable solutions, through deepening the collaboration of pre- t collaboration between Fraunhofer IMWS and the University of Mohammed. VI Polytechnic for the creation of Fraunhofer-Mazagan Lab, a world-class research center based in Mazagan Urban Pole (PUMA).

Fraunhofer IMWS will support the Mazagan research laboratory on a number of research projects for innovative ecosystems and will set up a special team for the Fraunhofer-Mazagan Lab.

This partnership with Fraunhofer IMWS will also allow Mazagan laboratory to benefit from the Fraunhofer network full-time network. Fraunhofer-Mazagan aims to access the research work of a Polytechnic Mohammed VI University and to develop it at applied research level.

Mohammed VI Polytechnic University is positioning itself as a highly visible player in the field of applied research that is based on the development of business solutions and world-class partnerships.

“The new research and innovation system, currently being developed by the Polytechnic Mohammed VI University, will be ratified by this first Center of Excellence. Fraunhofer-Mazagan Lab's ambition is to develop business solutions and implement concrete economy projects for Africa with the support of our partners in Germany, "said Mostafa Terrab, Convener and Head of PRO Group.

“We are looking forward to supporting our Morocco partners in these new activities. During our visit, we talked about different projects that might have been confirmed in the pilot plant. I expect collaboration to begin quickly, encouraging long and successful collaboration, which will allow us to develop a new vision of Chemistry 4.0 and, in particular, new business opportunities. in Germany, "said Professor Ralf B Wehrspohn, Director of Fraunhofer IMWS.

With the Group's aspirations for the development and industrialization needs of the continent, the Fraunhofer-Mazagan Lab has to reach its rapid pace to develop sustainable solutions for the industry as a whole and for the fertilizer industry. in particular.

The partners are laying the foundation for Green Energy Park (GEP) and Fraunhofer IMWS with the project to set up the first pilot for producing hydrogen and green ammonia in Africa. This is the first project at Lab Fraunhofer-Mazagan Lab.

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