Svetlana Loboda has a vacation in Dubai who spent time with a young stranger


22:07, 02.20.2019

At nightclub, the singer danced and caught hold of a young French.

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Last month, Svetlana Loboda presented a presentation on the new Program of Excellence for the audience. Those who came to an exhibition in the Crocodile Hall surprised the star with clear numbers, transformational level, multimedia decoration, genuinely expanded technology, numbers using 3D ribbons and flying over the hall. After attending a concert, Maxim Galkin called Loboda who made the best show he had seen in the last ten years.

After giving three concerts in Moscow, Loboda collected a great tour in America. A tour of the cities of the United States and Canada will take place in the spring, but for the moment, Svetlana agreed to get a bit of rest and went to Dubai. On vacation, two children's mother decided to take a little at nightclub, where an unidentified person turned off at a time. The French model began to fight the singer, and then led to a dance floor, Super reports. Svetlana and his companion were taken on video and pictures, in which she danced hardly, including a young man and even her kisses, grew public. Now Loboda fans are really missing how this video will respond Till LindemannSouth Westerly

Svetlana Loboda has a vacation in Dubai who spent time with a young stranger

Remembering her & # 39; The first time that the novels came up with Till Lindemann and Svetlana Loboda in July 2017. Then, at a "Heat" music festival, the two were together everywhere, and the spectacular musician caught him and a sing singer Russian on the front of the cameras without disruption. So, when her actress was born, on 24 May 2018, a girl named Tilda, the fans and the media thought that the child's father is not Rammstein's director. Svetlana herself maintains the name of the person since she has taken the daughter, in secret. "I can not talk about it. I have a contract," she explained in a Basta interview to show YouTube GazLive.

Svetlana Loboda

Last month, Loboda revived the facts about her relationship with Lindemann. The singer has taken a picture in his microblog with a unique man decorated with a logo logo and mask. It's obvious that his actress is a expressly protested against his stranger 's fund. The singer did not identify the image of Till. However, Rammstein's director's followers recognize and no additional guidance.

Memories Svetlana Loboda also has a 7-year-old daughter Evangelinawho was born in a civil marriage with a dancer from Independence ballet Andrey TsarAfter her couple broke up shortly after her daughter was born, but he kept a good relationship. Remember that Till Lindemann has two young adults. He was married three times, but is now free. Before the novel was by Svetlana Loboda in relation to a German actress Sophia Tomalla, who broke up three years ago. Recently, Svetlana Loboda and Till Lindemann have been very aware of a lot. For example, the musician visited the performer of the singer in Berlin. The couple left the concert together. Shortly before, Lindemann went over to Moscow and took Svetlana from the hospital, where he was cured after blackfields.

Svetlana Loboda and Till Lindemann

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