SVT on Michael Jackson's documentary: "It is a party party"


When "Leaving Notland" was sent on SVT Play last Sunday, interest was immediately. In just one day, the first part of 116,500 spectators was seen, and it was the best program to see on SVT Play that day.

At SVT you know that the emotional documentary program moved. In a post on the SVT blog, Ingemar Persson, director of SVT Documentary, writes: "We hope that the writer Dan Reed (famed for his terrorism and migration films) and that the film will contribute to a debate. more widely. "

Persson says The majority of comments he received about the work carried out by supporters have been arranged.

– About ten e-mails each of which are linked to the only US sites and forms copied and carried. It is about breaking the two witnesses who occur in the film, but it is clear that a club is run by a supporters club.

Anyone who sees the documentary at SVT can read text in the first instance that it is both the 'story' and that Jackson himself has refused to complain.

"It is also included in the film, but first in the head, so we thought it was appropriate to include that information to prepare the viewing collections," Persson said.

My first job was when we were to program the documentary to Dan Reed himself who made the film and my first question is “Have the witnesses been paid?”

In the USA Jackson is the death estate is equivalent to the HBO estate as SEK 1 billion. The SVT lawyers have looked at the film before it was bought, but since the law depends on an agreement between Jackson and HBO since 1992, where they did not borrow material which is essential to Jackson, Persson has not believe that SVT will be able to influence the outcome of the law.

The documentary has also been criticized for being a party statement where there is only one side spoken, and one of the witnesses in the film has previously been presumed to have won Jackson's examination in 2005. I am asking if there is something difficult with that?

– This is obviously difficult. My first job when we were in the documentary was to talk to Dan Reed himself who made the film, and my first question is “Have the Witnesses been paid?” The film is a party statement. – it is a film that deals with two victims and the story and it is clear that it will be a party statement because it shows their vision, I think quite clear with him.

The case of Jacksons Invite or images were removed. The animated television series "The Simpsons" removed an old album that Michael Jackson is visiting as a voice actor.

In the shopping center, Rødovre center in Copenhagen, a wax clue that shows Jackson has been removed, writing the PR news group. Charlotte Andersen, marketing manager for Rødovre Centrum, said they had received around 15 complaints about the doll Jackson, mostly from families with children.

At Fulham, England, a statue of Jackson was removed. It was outside the National Football Museum of Scotland but was removed at the beginning of March and was returned to business member Mohammed Al Fayed, member of the football team t Fulham Football Club 2009 when the image was taken.

Between exhibitions on Channel 4 in London on 6 March.

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The American hip hop star Drake, who has made his latest album on Jackson's song "Don Matter to Me", has chosen not to play the song on the way to the album. He writes, among other things, the British Independent. The American basketball team Los Angeles Lakers has also taken Jackson's music. Beat it used to be played on their field, but now Johnny B Goode by Chuck Berry has put him in his place.

The week was also marked by the fact that the Norwegian radio channel, NRK, will soon be singing any of the songs from Michael Jackson and radio stations in New Zealand, Australia and Canada all followed. Jackson's live music, "Stopped for getting enough," will be showcased for the first time in Chicago this year but has been canceled. The plan is for the first time next year in New York.

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