Swallow in the "asteroid of death": NASA search for water to stay on the Bennu surface – 12/10/2018


The OSIRIS-REx spacecraft, which has been running around Set from this week, Find a water presence in that asteroid made of the only molecules that gave life on Earth, NASA reported Monday.

"Information recently inspected by the Origins Explorer mission, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Recognition and Renewable Security (Osiris-Rex) has shown that water in the creature is created, scientific objective, Bennu asteroid, "said NASA in a statement.

This information, obtained as a result of the two thermometers with which the probe is fitted, shows that there are hydroxyls sites, there are molecules that include oxygen and hydrogen atomam and; keep together.

Researchers who are responsible for the "suspect" intention are that these hydroxyl companies are available throughout their planet, said the statement, although NASA believes their presence it would not be so bad.

"Because Bennu itself is too small to carry water, the search indicates that there was a presence here in some parallels, Ensure that asteroid is much larger", the Spanish company decided in the US.

On December 3, NASA published that OSIRIS-REx had completed its first phase of its mission, including the reach of the asteroid and, from now on, it will accompany Setting as if it were a socket, to check out they will put the planets without a deep deep wave.

This ultimate mission is very important because the asteroid represents a danger to Earth because its badly stating that it will be a " passing "affecting our planet". Some have already given a name "asteroid death" and the "Armageddon" asteroid, but the US space agency's official page says that it will not affect our world and that science is the main interest of this unpublished mission.

Over the next twelve months, it will also work to find a suitable place to land ashore on the asteroid, to begin a collection of samples that can be inspected when the air return home.

"When the samples of this mission come to Earth, in 2023, the sciences They will receive hidden funds of new information about the history and development of our solar system"NASA secretary and Amy Simon science officer, named in the note, said.

In a news conference, OSIRIS-REx's Chief Inspector and Professor of Planetary and Lunar Laboratory at the University of Arizona, Dante Lauretta, explained that while the introduction of water is too small, 39; show that the first body or "father" of Bennu was a liver, an asteroid that could be bigger.

"We are talking about an asteroid that can show important information about creating an early sun system or even the beginning of life on the ground," said Lauretta.

The scientist said that the images they have received so far have allowed them to see the rocky surface of the asteroid.

It measures approximately 500 meters in diameter and is about the size of small mountains.

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