Swallow: Ricky Martin named himself and her husband parents daughter – 01/01/2019


In the middle of last year, strong men said that Ricky Martin (47) and her husband, the Sons-Syrian painter, Jwan Yosef (34), wanted a girl to go with the status of his family. However, it was asked to wait and, incredibly, within hours of celebrating the Year & New, Puerto Rican and her husband They gave the news that they were parents of their children. "Lucia is the name she", write the singer from his official account of Instagram.

Puerto Rican, who is already the father of the Mateo (10) and Valentino (10) couples, held on 6 August, 2008 after re-tuning a belly, which was named by social networks, together with a picture that shows part of the document; The face of the girl and her small hands keeping her parents, Lucia was a new member of the Martin-Yosef family. In the publication, she also showed the name of the girl: Lucía Martin-Yosef.

"We are pleased to say that we have been the parents of a beautiful and beautiful girl Lucia Martin-Yosef. Certainly, this has been a special celebration and celebration of Christmas in life, "said the singer, who turned years on December 24, not to tell the date of birth of his the child.

Without warning, Ricky Martin and her husband named that they are already the parents of a daughter. The third son is for Puerto Rican singer.

Without warning, Ricky Martin and her husband named that they are already the parents of a daughter. The third son is for Puerto Rican singer.

And he was promoting: "His brothers and Jwan and I are totally in love with our child and we are grateful to start 2019 with the best gift we receive, the gift of life."

So, Lucia is the first in Puerto Rican family. In 2008, his twin, Valentino and Matteo, who he respects and brings to his toddlers, was born. Although his companion, artist Siriain Jwan Yosef, later joined the clan, the four in a strong family.

For the singer, his children have "the best thing" that happened to him in his life, and he is not tired of going to his / her; share the joy that spreads his life in social networks. And now, the singer's posts will also emphasize Lucia.

Several years ago Ricky Martin announces his desire to be a father again, looking for "the beautiful little girl of his father" who was waiting for him. Finally, the girl came.

No information, Everything would appear that Ricky, again, entered his maternal bride to rent Lucia.

Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef They met in London and, after a two-year lawsuit, they married early in 2018. "We sent forward and we made the oath, we signed the papers we need to sign, the horrible thing and everything, I am her husband", the singer the program E! News in January last year.

After the wedding, the mansion came: the two moved to a large house in Los Angeles, and they looked at all the rooms in an interview for a magazine that was specialized in architecture.

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