Sweden: a remote patient who suspects Ebola is suffering internationally


Health authorities in Sweden remote to a patient who was suspicious of Ebola, at Uppsala Hospital, north of Stockholm.

The man went to the hospital's emergency department in a town near Enköping, and then was taken to hospital where he is still remote.

The emergency room in Enköping was closed as a precautionary measure and the patients who were patiently treated were ill. get medical attention.

"We may have the test results tonight. At this time we're just talking about suspicion, maybe it's another disease, "said the authorities in a statement.

Uppsala's chief physician, Mikael Köhler, explained that the patient has given blood away, which can be a sign of Ebola.

Patient rHe left three weeks back for a trip to several African countries, including Burundi, but did not visit the area where Ebola's disease is at risk.

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) reported that the Ebola breach was established in the Kivu North and Ituri areas on August 1st, with 370 deaths that may already be mentioned.

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