Sweden prepares for the loss of international money


Sweden is preparing to live without money: half of the bills or medals trade in 2025 would receive. Looking to this future, the authorities are working to do & # 39; Any expectation of any inconvenience that may arise from the lack of traditional money.

A Swedish Solar Bank has been testing e-krona, digital money that allows them to control the cash supply. However, at the same time, situations that appear to appear may appear problem solving: what will happen to online payments and bank accounts if any electricity network has a & # 39; failure or if the servants are blocked by electronic problems, trailers or even war.

"In the situation where we are, it would not be appropriate to stay with our arms not doing anything to inform from the distance that the money is away, "said Stefan Ingves, a Swedish national bank administrator, named by the New York Times.

"You can not go back in time, but you need to find a way to bring the change in," he said.

The other possible problem is without those people who are, by age or reach, they do not handle electronic devices well.

"About millions of people do not feel comfortable using a computer or iPad or iPhone for their banking issues, "said Christina Tallberg, 75, president of the Swedish National Shield Group.

"We are not against digital switchover, we just believe it's going on too fast," he said.

In Sweden, five of the ten million residents do not use ATM; and more than four miles have been implemented on a multicolor to pay, for example, public transport. In the population aged 18 to 24, 95% buy their debt card not too demanding that created the most important banks in the country.

Solar authorities have two recommendations to keep the money financed. The Parliament just wants the biggest banks to handle money, long & How does the middle bank say that everyone has a? do that

Swedbank, SEB and other financial institutions have fought with solicitors' claims, arguing that it would give them greater opportunity to pay them.

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