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A new type of film that could be & # 39; generous attack on R Kelly

R. Kelly, 51, known as Robert Kelly, who was opposed to gender assault and harassment for decades.

In the documentary "Kelly lasts"A number of women have appeared and tell about abuse that they have suffered. Some women also say how they were held in relationships as an organization in the home of the artist .

The women said they were not allowed to leave their rooms and they had to face it as "dad" (father).

After the documentary, the police are in the state of Georgia. According to reporters on the US TM website, the Fultonshire police have opened an inquiry to investigate the costs against the star. The search is completely embedded as a result of the Lifetime documentary series, the site is writing.

A new sex film that can be drawn by R Kelly

Now, CNN reports that prosecutors have come into a movie that is said to show how R Kelly has sexually a little girl in her 14s.

The film should be just over 42 minutes long and the person who has left the film should be involved with the artist and victim.

Lawyer Michael Avenatti has reinforced the information on his Twitter account where he confirms their film.

"We will continue to work hard to answer this animal", He is writing. avenatti-video_n_5c65aacee4b0bcddd40fbc3c

The film is 42 minutes long

CNN has taken part of the movie where there are two who have sex in different rooms. The news channel can not decide its age, but the person who is said to be R Kelly should mentions her corporate parts as a "14-year-old". The girl should also be called "dad" in the film. The film also shows how the person is doing; take the girl.

CNN also writes that parts of the movie are a n; responding well to the allegations against R Kelly.

R Kelly has been in the care of children's pornographic offenders after taking part in a film named R Kelly and a little girl. But the artist and the girl refused to be in the films and R Kelly was released from the costs.

R Kelly always rejects the allegations of sexual abuse.

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