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A suspicious woman in Lysekil feared her husband's care

The couple had been married for almost 50 years.

As long as they had lived in the general residence in Lysekil, where a man found a morning of death and a wounded wife.

On Tuesday evening, the woman was arrested for her husband's murder.

– It's a terrible story. I've never seen anything like this in the world of my life, his wife's lawyer Tommy Nilsson has been described earlier.

Accessing a wheelchair

He now shows that the man who was murdered was suitable for a wheelchair and the woman appeared after suspicion, criticism of the care in Lysekil.

– She has been critical of home care, she says, Tommy Nilsson.


The woman has previously been critical of proposals for savings in urban care and care in Lysekil. The woman is writing that she is the husband of her husband and that she has serious shortcomings in her care when the home care service was responsible for her husband. The woman said it was impossible to save health care because there was a risk of neglect of the elderly and the sick.

A million defects in the table

At the same time, the social welfare committee in Lysekil had a million deficiencies and the officers were commissioned to propose savings.

– We often have difficult financial circumstances, and many action plans are coming and going, but I can't comment on this, Eva Andersson, head of Lysekil social administration.

The wife is suspicious that she is threatening her husband.


Sten-Rune Timmersjö, the chief executive of police chiefs for serious crimes, said the only visit was that of home help staff, who were the number of people who served police and the hospital.

Information about home help

– The person was ill and had help from the home care service, so the home care service came.

– We have now asked its medical history on both, but we haven't caught it yet and it will take a while.

He is well known about the case and describes how the issue is sensitive.

Sten-Rune Timmersjö, police.


The murderer was scared on Saturday morning and initially two wounded people were worried about an offense.

The man was dead and his wife was killed. She was hospitalized for a shorter hospital stay before being taken to police station. When she was taken to the courtroom during the hearing held on Tuesday this she had a bite to eat around the wrist.

The woman and her husband have not been without a previous employment.

Failure to commit a crime

Sten-Rune Timmersjö told the police of the question she is denying or acknowledging for crime.

– She has left a story and that story follows on what we have been involved with in our inspections.

According to the lawyer, however, she denies crime.

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