Actions: Apple will make its own 5G teams

The reason is to get rid of both Qualcomm and Intel. Qualcomm Apple is in a conflict with diseases, following allegations between companies on two breach of patterns and upheavals. However, the Intel teams that replace the Qualcomm signal do not appear to be just as good.

This data is in the same line as the previous data. Now in November, it was known that Apple was looking for smart engineers with knowledge of wireless protocols such as 4G, Bluetooth and 5G at the San Francisco de Qualcomm home town.

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Recently, Reuters also said that the concrete sign may have been the current so far; According to this information, Apple team manager, Johny Srouji, has been in charge of January by Apple's work management to develop new modes. According to Reuters, a middle manager has two chances below that Srouji has so far been on the job, but Srouji's biggest responsibility is to be explained as he said that Apple had previously made money to put their own 5G teams up.

However, it may take several years before Apple completes teams to compete with Qualcomm and Intel partners.

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