Apple is now selling the redesign of Iphone X units in the US and the United Kingdom

It seems that it was not just a ghost; in the idea that Apple would start selling. Now Apple has begun to sell renewable versions of Iphone X in its online sources in the US and UK. And its price is pretty close to the modern XR iPhone. Costume Iphone X will cost upgrading with 64GB of $ 769 length of money and Iphone XR $ 20 is cheaper. Undoubtedly, a comic competition is very funny, it does not most believe that the XR Android XR subscription is cheaper and up-to-date than a more powerful and iphone X. On the other hand you will get a screen OLED if you send the iPhone X, as well as a secret camera on the back.

Explain what units it is about

To make it even more difficult for anyone who can not choose between Iphone X or XR, Apple's renewable phones are more like new ones. They are carefully checked, cleaned, tested and replicated and come with the usual tools in a new carton. In addition, they have new batteries. But here in Sweden, however, there is no risk of obtaining the type of decision that may be included in the offer, because at least at At this time it does not seem appropriate to be & # 39; sells the renewal of Iphone X units in our part of the world. It is unclear what number is Apple's Apple iPhone reshaping in stock. It may have been a very short campaign.

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