Thursday , December 5 2019
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Blekinge first was an HPV vaccine for boys – Disease

Boys in Blekinge will be given a vaccine first in Sweden against HPV virus, reporting SVT Blekinge. On Thursday, the Health Care Board in the Region Blekinge decided that HPV vaccine would be introduced into boys in grades 5–6.

Vaccination is part of the general vaccine program for girls, especially for breast cancer.

– When one in three cancers find it, we don't wait for the waiting wait. Blekinge is the first in Sweden to HPV-vaccinated boys, Emma Stjernlöf (M), chair of the Healthcare Board, SVT Blekinge.

In a review, the Public Health Authority will assess that boys should be offered a HPV vaccine within a universal vaccination program for children, rather than girls today. The Research shows that there are 120 cases of cancer each year that could also ban boys against HPV. Among people, they are dominated by cancer, pain and alien.

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