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Computing play rarely involves play abuse

Anders Håkansson is a professor of cure of dependency with a particular focus on the problem of gambling at Lund University and a senior physician at Malmö's vitality center, Psychiatry Skåne. It is clear that there is a difference between computer games and money games.

– In Sweden we have the same words, but in English the difference is clearer. There, one makes a difference between "gambling" and "gaming" where the second one has now been identified as a public health problem with the WHO.

On the part of their independence, there is a vital difference. The mind and the reward are when they play for money; adversely affects the brain, and can cause itself to be a problem. The secret substances are similar to alcohol or drug abuse. So something has happened in the system of the brain prize when you win, but it's a odd thing that it also does. happen when you win "almost".

– The games are designed so you know you're close to winning and & # 39; You may be successful next time. So long as we & # 39; Continuing to play, the logical part should think we're a bad choice; there.

Low risk games and high risk

Anders Håkansson makes a difference between low-risk games and high-end games, where those are fast-paced fast-paced games such as online casino games and a promise of sport that's a & # 39; go live. The majority of its total are. looking for help to get problems related to these play methods.

But there are links between computer play and abuse abuse problems. Anders Håkansson has carried out checks where there is a danger to a bad game if money plays many of computer games – and vice versa. But he still does not think he should think computing questioning is a problem.

– Most people who do not have a lot; playing computer gaming games. It's just like drinking and drinking – many can always take glass, but they are not very enjoyable. But most who have a & # 39; affecting major problems and need help

Pod: From striving to criticize – about a gambling problem

However, some of the risk factors are clear to people who are more likely to be involved in playing abuse. One of them has a history and all kinds of mental illness also make it easier to get on, or if you are already dependent on, for example, alcohol or smoking. Younger men aged 18-40 are also more vulnerable.

Difficulties of game as proof

A new study by Anders Håkansson shows that people with a gambling problem Judge 15 times more likely to kill themselves and usually 1.8 times higher. It's not just about parallel health-health, but the abuse of play and its financial effects.

The reason why gambling abuse has now been a proof of Sweden has a clear legislation that allows remedies to cure medicine. Users of the game can also stop their own play through – a service that Swedish-speaking authorities offer. Gaming market control has also been introduced, which is also being done. means that the games you want to see in Sweden must apply for permission and that they should not market themselves here without special requirements.

– Previously, the big game matches have been invasion of Sweat control. Even though you can still play foreign companies, this is a step in the right way.

If you are worried that someone is having someone's gambling, you should be aware of when the gambling is not only pleasing but that it is considered compulsory or not; goes beyond the person who wanted to do, explaining Anders Håkansson. It also calls a warning bell if the person decides to go to; play, but who still breaks her & # 39; that plan and maybe it's lying to hide its position.

– But there is help to get. The CAP has been extremely successful and many of them have been successful. They will be playing "superb" play players after handling.

Then you know if you are a victim of bursting

For a verdict of gambling dependence, at least four of the following nine marks must be over 12 months.

  • persistent ideas of play
  • Play for ever more
  • play to win a win back
  • try to stop it
  • funny when you try to stop it
  • play when you feel mentally ill
  • It is lying to hide what you play
  • dangerous work and relationships due to gambling
  • financially dependent on others

It is considered that there is a problem between 1.5 and 2 per cent of adults who object to money and gambling abuse is 0.5 per cent.

Text: Åsa Hansdotter

The article was first published on Science & Health, a site for research in medicine and health from the University of Lund, the University of Malmö and the Skåne Department.

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