Critical Medelpad Rescue Service: Do not Films – P4 Västernorrland

At 2.30pm on Wednesday, a traffic crash on the E4 at Peter's height north of Sundsvall. A passenger car was trucking and two were killed again at Sundsvall Hospital.

During the rescue work, cars were traveling at a fast pace and many of them built the disaster on the picture or at the same time; filming. There was something like the director of his Matel Nygren board at the Medelpad Life Rescue Service; respond strongly.

"I think it's totally unpleasant to those affected. That's why it also increases the risk of new accidents when trying to get as big as possible on film, "said Mats Nygren, chairman of her son; board.

In social media, Mats Nygren writes about suffering and the dangers when working in the dark in an accident.

"Despite the darkness and the numbers of blue and yellow warning signs, they will signify with a message about OLYCKA. However, it will run quickly and, if possible, FOTA and FILMA at the same time. Writing someone else's accident? Why can not you slowly drive over the crash ???? … I and my colleagues want to come home to our families tomorrow when they stop We just like what you want when you leave the house from work. "

What causes the deadly accident is not clear. According to the police, the place was scarce.

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