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Elisabeth Massi-Fritz lawyer contributed to the TV profile address: "It was blurred"

The court proceedings in the case start on Tuesday. Elisabeth Massi Fritz, a lawyer who represents the lady of the district court, shows how the man has been accused of rape, who has allegedly been prosecuted. party in the Stockholm islands in 2008.

On Monday, the lawyer announced a post on Instagram where she is writing that she is preparing Tuesday talks. According to the Aftonbladet, noted for the original entry, a document appeared where the TV profile name and home address appeared. The screenshot shows the lawyer's hand when papers are attached to the target. The post has now been removed.

Elisabeth Massi Fritz will be writing in his opinion to DN that her "obvious address" did not appear in her publication.

“I have a photo of my hand when I sat and worked in the day. On my picture, I put out my story. But no obvious address appeared. I would never ever roll out on my TV profile or any other address, I never think.

When asked if the address does not appear in the image, Massi Fritz answers:

"At my story, the address was unsure".

Following publication, the TV profile was heard he and the Bar Association, write Aftonbladet. Anne Ramberg, the General Secretary General of the Society, confirms to DN that she has taken action after the event.

– I have started to take control of the case that I raised my case, Anne Ramberg says.

She also writes saying that a formal decision is required from the board before it comes to the question of the Discipline Committee.

“With regards to lawyer Massi Fritz, I have posted it on Instagram today, and asked the lawyer to delete their post with an image and profile showing the address, and some level of information for the solicitor and television image that I have established a disciplinary action. This means I will sail to the Board to go forward to the Disciplinary Committee. ”

Elisabeth Massi Fritz's role was on a Monday evening, not on Instagram.

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