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Färjestad: The original goal was to refuse Färjestad

Djurgården is a member of the game in the semifinals series after 3-1 at home against Färjestad on Friday afternoon.

Färjestad stressed the last minutes and thought they made 2-3 with four minutes left on the clock. However, the judges identified a video review.

The reason? Linus Johansson was in front of Adam Reideborn and watched the keeper just before the appearance of the screen. The situation is very similar to that of Karlstad in the first semifinal.

At that time, Färjestad was victorious, but it was subsequently cursed.

– There's only a great smell. We got a chance against HV 71, now we do the same. The judges then argued that the visitor's glove was outside the target garden and that this is what I see, says Michael Lindqvist.

Dahlgren, on the left, wakes a towel.

photo: C More

Again, a target secured for FBK

The situation is also a reminder of the cause of a visit from 2-1 Djurgården from Wednesday's Färjestad. That time was agreed. Something that means Färjestad was playing in a game of SM playoff in four different situations, two in each side.

As a result: Their aims have not been agreed, but they are opposed by opponents.

· It was wrong to see the agreement of HV 71's objectives, which should have been tolerated. It has become a bit of a food after that, but the results that were subsequently convicted were properly convicted, says Petter Rönnqvist in C C. t

When Pennant was sentenced, Johan Pennerborn escaped from the hut and his hammer fell out.

After that, Dahlgren regrets.

– Aye, perhaps he was foolish. I had no thought after it, I had only one towel. We do not issue it, but we have had no opportunity in these reviews. The feeling you received when they were alerted for a video review that he would be convicted again, he says.

Pennerborn: "The judges do the best"

But the Johan Pennerborn coach is quiet at the media conference.

– As I finally said: The judges always do the best, not to talk about it. But the rules need to be clearer. The judges have decided on different situations. He's not good, he says.

Feedback on this event:

– That's why the "ring" takes time. We really want to be fair and equitable. We love it very much, says Tobias Björk to C More.

– Now this is the third time it is happening. Linus is taking an active path. It does not engage with this issue. He communicates with icking icking Adam's flight. We think it's a conversation and so it's removed, says Linus Öhlund.

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