Fewer Chinese tourists to Sweden – Economy

China's Chinese Chinese season is here. It is expected that around 400 million Chinese people will travel within the country through the fèis and around 7 million people; celebrated abroad. But, growing in China in 2018 is the highest level; Low in almost 30 years and a larger number of Chinese people out of long-term destinations.

In total, Chinese tourism fell by four percent in Sweden last year compared to 2017.

We got the office in China quickly that the ever-growing economic disaster in the country is impact when people travel longer, says Michael Persson Gripkow, a regional and regional communications manager at Suain na Suain.

Avoiding group travel

Another reason is that more Chinese people choose to make their own trip instead of being able to do so; Organizing organized group trips through a number of Scandinavian nations. This has a huge impact on, for example, Värmland where tourism has decreased by 38 per cent.

This may be because Norwegian travel has declined, which affects counties as Värmland where there is a night; stay on the road, says Michael Persson Gripkow.

Sweden criticizes China

In the United States, the number of tourists from China has decreased since the trade conflict between the countries has increased. Even between Sweden and China, it has been hot during autumn after three Chinese tourists have been cast out of a hostel in Stockholm. The conflict ended when the episode of SVT Svenska Nyheter took the event. China asked for an excuse and all went to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Over time, China's opposition to China was criticized and many of the ideas were written in Sweatshots and other Swedish official social media streams. This kind of event tends to go out over time and we do not now believe it's a? affecting the need to visit Sweden with the passengers we are experiencing; turned, says Michael Persson Gripkow.

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