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"Moonlight" was a unique thing. The director of the director Barry Jenkin is about a gay black man who builds in a hard field in Miami and, Provide images and moods that you have never seen. It was the whole way that was; in Oscar for the best movie (although he was in some dollars as "La La Land" was likely to be a premier position in the Oscar time that was now immortal).

So, the hard work of Jenkin's film is to have a fascinating experience. In fact, it is not, but that does not mean "If Beale Street could not speak" it is not worth seeing. On the other hand, this is a fascinating and romantic story. Which course does not have a & # 39; getting worse because it always causes nutrition in anger that brings both energy and content to the content.

The film is based on a model of black intellectual writer, James Baldwin, in a very recognized time (which has been ruled, among other things, the interesting documentary and Oscar-named "I am not your negro", Slovenian houses have been a few years ago) about a young couple in love with Harlem.

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Tish (Kiki Layne) who is 19 years old is pregnant with a child but her family is supported in "If Beale Street was able to speak". Press Releases.

The story is based in the 1950s. Tish (Kiki Layne) is only 19 when she and Fonny (Stephan James), who are just 22, have fallen in love. Actually, they may have their own life together but now it is struggling correctly and that they do it. begin to build a future.

Through a very detailed clipping, their history will jump out and just in a while that the accident will show: Fonny is arrested, arrested from a terrible crime. In addition, Trish is tricky. It, and their own families, can find out, but it can not be done in a hard system.

"If Beale Street would talk" to address the & # 39; question about how many black people are imprisoned in the United States. Structural productivity is clearly identified in the individual targets that have been built, without being a politics, are only very human and tangible.

Barry Jenkins has said that he has been inspired by his "In the mood for love" master by Wong Kar-Wai to show the love story and he is feel, because you have what you are doing; Taken from the film just just as melancholy, melodramatic and fine born from Jenkins close-edge and special distance.

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