Find a sick mad illness in Poland

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Find a sick mad illness in Poland

An unusual case of BSE, which is more commonly referred to as cow cow disease, is found on a farm in Poland. The whole case, in line with the country's main position, should not give any danger to people.

A case of tasty sun disease was found in Poland. Stock Photography.Photograph: Michael Conroy / AP / TT

– According to the OIE (World Health Organization), BSE in the unusual form, which has now been found, does not affect the status of its & # 39; Poland as a BSE-threatened country, said prime barrier Krzysztof Niemczuk.

The disease was detected through a standardized survey in January and a cow was taken; the death of BSE's disease is killed, OIE says.

BSE (encephalopathy spongiform buch) affects the moderate natural system of animals, where the cells have a cell; lose their work gradually. It was linked to Creutzfeldt-Jakob's disease that affects people.

The disease of the stock industry in the UK and Europe in the 1990s was adversely affected. Issues in the unusual BSE format were found occasionally from that time.

Last week, it was reported that Polish meat from Polish cattle was sold to Sweden, it is not associated with this beautiful illness.

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