Sunday , September 22 2019
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Finding: Bubbles with new star

When researchers at the Southern European Theater (ESO) asked the Greater Telescope (VLT) to attack a section of the Cloud Magellanic Cloud that they saw how the process. The image shows huge clouds that are displayed; Look like bubbles inside which the stars are created.

The Cloud Magellanic Cloud is a galaxy satellite that has 160,000 light light away from the ground. It is located on the edge of Lachlann Island itself, but it is only visible from the southern hemisphere.

Inside the locks there is a huge cloud of hydrogen in size; Newborn star nursery for new star. And it was deep inside one of those clouds, called the N180, as saw rada light radiators that were thrown out of a young star. The star was twelve times larger than our own fur, as long as the gas seam was 33 years old; long. According to the researchers, these rays are more interesting, as they can tell more about how it will go when the stars are created.

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