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Fire in police garage at Malmö – expected to be built

The fear of the fire was in a garage at Sallerupsvägen in Malmö at 9: 39pm on Wednesday afternoon. Part of the laptop is used by Malmö police, and has access to the # 39; public on the second part.

When the emergency services arrived at the site, they found a fire that was substantially built between the two garages.

– It is a type of emergency release between a garage to a # 39; police and a public garage. It has been a fog development that has been introduced into our garage and we believe that a firefighter created in the room; a police-based process and a public garage, "said Evelina Olsson, a news officer at the police management center in the south section.

Carry out police cars from the garage

It must be burned in a concessionary vessel that then enters into a police garage that needs to be converted now. The case is currently recorded as guns.

– We found a look that shows a fire, saying Calle Persson, a media officer at a regulatory center; police.

There is still no information about damage to the building or the vehicles in the garage. The area around a gaming was stopped at Wednesday night.

– There is a little trouble getting to & # 39; smoke out and you start to & # 39; Driving out our cars, perhaps to make the job easier, Evelina Olsson says.

Several firestones came to the site. According to the police, there were signs that the fire was set at one time between two garages.


Actions: Insert the police

According to information from Kvällsposten, an attack is directed at the police station at Sallerupsvägen. It should be burned in one of the stations at the station after a person has been discharged from a discounted energy through the ventilation system. In restriction, the police at the station will keep their equipment.

In December 2017, a police car was blown outside the only police station. At that time, a banger called it was used. In January the next year, a bomb attack was directed against Rosengård's police office in Malmö.

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