GRANT Turns on the cover of "Teds Strength" Changed My Mind "


I wondered; Change my mind & # 39; Because, as well as being a funny tune, it's a hard text with two-way customers who I thought was fun to do; play together. The text came as a way of making the song for yourself in a natural way.

The Toves version is very quick and I look more than being unhappy. I think we both have been in a position, caring for everything in the text. I threw the song into the tune and I raised it from the beginning with a view of the rhythmic wires as the basis for making it and then it was easy to remove it. It was so fun to play with it and it was just a & # 39; take a day to prepare.

GRANT has appeared in 2018 and has shown her special talent with exhibitions at major festivals such as the West Walk as well as Grammatics, SVT Allsång på Skansen and Morning News TV4. In the summer, his first famous album was published In Bloom who received an amazing response from critics as well as fans.

During the growth, GRANT has been on his first trip and has recently become an office Tove Strength join him GRANT sea support for her Scandinavian tour (see day further down).

In connection with the main tour GRANT is a & # 39; cover of Tove Stryrkes "Changed My Mind", A song from the latest Tove "Sway" album.

"Changed My Mind" is released today on November 23 through Sony Music.

The video for the song was made in Margate in the south eastern part of England and was made by Zoë Que & Heydon Prowse. See here:

That same weekend I went to London to meet a friend and watch the Tove concert in real time. I felt it was a fun idea; in video production for the covern, so on the same weekend we went out to the small town of Margate and, filming! So awfully dumb!

Nov 23 – Karlstad SE – The factory is nice
Nov 24 – Norrköping SE – Arbis Bar & Salonger
November 25 – Uppsala SE – Associations & Uppsala Transportation
November 30 – Lund SE – Dairidh
Dec 1 – Linköping SE – Concert & Concert
Dec 5 – Oslo NO – Park Theater
December 6 – Gothenburg SE – Pustervik
Dec 7 – Umeå SE – The decoration
Dec 8 – Luleå SE – Kulturens Hus
Dec 13 – Copenhagen DK – Vega
December 14 – Malmö SE – KB
Dec 15 – Stockholm SE – Berns

When the fall of 2017 Sweden got strong debutsingel and GRANT devolution "water "Caroline Cederlöf, a 23 year old, who is a real name of GRANT, has been rewritten as "Best Right Now", New Pop Games, "and" One of the Hotest "Latest" debutants. For the first time, GRANT has released singles as "Wicked "," Shimmer " and "Catcher In The Rye "and its objections first album "In Bloom ".

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