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Hard expert ideas – In the future of William New Zealand: "Then it goes over"

The days are coming and Nylander has no contract to Toronto.
But whatever happens, most of the time it is & # 39; think it is plowing in spring.
This means the expert NHL Elliotte Friedman.

On Saturday at 23pm the Swedish must William Nylander signed a new contract with Toronto Maple Leafs. On the other hand, there will be no NHL games for Swedish this year.

AIK trainers

Just before the date, the star star still in Sweden and its training. The last night with the J20 team at AIK.

Picture: Bildbyrån

After training, protected by several media, Nylander will not answer any questions. But to Sportbladet, he noted that this was the last training with the youth team.

Whether it indicates that a contract is near it is not clear. However, according to reports, the parties "just" will be $ 300,000 apart, equivalent to $ 2.7 million, in respect of their new contract.

However, Nylander does not getting a new contract or not, things can happen in spring.

The Expert: "It's Over"

nhl expert Elliotte Friedman Believe that Nylander is doing his last season in Toronto.
"What I'm thinking about what happens, whatever happens now, is the last season of William Nylanders in Toronto Maple Leafs. Writing or not, this is the last one. And although he writes it, I think he will have recently retired at the draft, "said Friedman in Sportsnet's Broadcasting and Continuing:
– In a way or another, I think this is over. I was astonished if he was playing for Toronto the next season.

Picture: Bildbyrån

In the last days, fans' anger, against the Swedish general manager and the group, Kyle Dubas, has been a laughter place.

On Twitter, there were scenes by "I saw William Nylander …" on a violent spread to the fans' great smile.

"It will disturb him"

William Nylander has set for 61 pounds for two season in a series in Toronto, but now has a significant impact on her. club on his way to the time.

Picture: Bildbyrån

Although a Brian Burke, old general director, among others, Toronto, believes that Nylander is on his way away.
"I also think he is contracting him before the date comes on Saturday and returns back to the team team, but Toronto will be adding worried at the end of the season, "he said in the & # 39; broadcast.

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This is a Canadian television channel by William Nylander – days before the date

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