Inspection: White shark has a unique healing capacity

Photograph: Juan Oliphant / AP / TT

The white shark is frightened where it is, but it does not attack people in certain cases. The photograph was taken at Oahu in the Pacific Ocean.


A short white genome was recorded in a new study. Initial analysis indicates that a gene at a & # 39; species that enlarges its & # 39; The ability to cure injuries and injuries, which is valuable in a long-lived species and often undergoes violence.

The white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) – due to unnecessary natural films and also films – one of the most famous seas in the seas.

According to the new study, published in the National Academy of Sciences Affairs, there is more than 24,000 genera, that is, about so many genes as people.

Some of these genera, as a result of natural selection, have contributed to the ability of white shark to reinforce the genome by making it possible. respond promptly to damage in his DNA and repair its & damaged.

Protecting cancer

The genome also acts as a generator that generates a genome. gives good protection to the species against different types of cancer.

But the most interesting details may be that there are specific changes to the cure for wounds and other physical injuries.

The researchers, led by the wonderful biological scientist Michael Stanhope at the University of Cornell in the United States, wrote that the changes have been vital to survival.

Long and dangerous life

The white basking shark is six meters long and is capable of putting three tons to its weight, it has the ability to heat the temperature. Its own body is slow, it has a slow reproduction and can be over 70 years old. It stretches long lines of the seas, and can move to a depth of 1,000 meters. It continues large cattle and is often exposed to large dangers.

All this means that rocky animals are still alive but also dangerous. So a genetic system that protects genome damage to the genome, early treatment of serious injury and anti-cancer protection, and has been a vital ingredient for living.

Right: Right age on how long are the white basking shark in the & # 39; box.

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